Andrew T Dorn & Corvin Dalek – Overdrive (Remixes)
[Techno Vinyls Records]

Corvin Dalek feat. End Of The Worlds – Ostkreuz (Remixes)
[Fummelerum Company/Corvin-Dalek.Com]

Corvin Dalek feat. Andrew T Dorn – Overdrive (Dark Drive Mix)
[Techno Vinyls Records]



feat. End Of The Worlds – OSTKREUZ
[Central Dogma Records]



feat. End Of The Worlds – TEMPLE OF INSOMNIA
[Central Dogma Records]



Young People (Remixes) (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Don’t Go Without Love (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro (City Life)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro (Doppelgaenger)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro (Hero in my Hood)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Spanish Fly (Doppelgaenger)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Back 2 Mexico ( Quebolarecords)

Not Alone (Jet Alone)

Corvin Dalek&Mark Reeder with Bernard Sumner – Crystal [Factory Records]



Asyl for the Truth (Black&Purple)

feat- Smoky:Mirror – Don’t Go without Love (Jet Alone)

feat- Smoky:Mirror – Outro (City Life)



Pounds&Pénz (Remixes) (Fummelerum)

Dalek & Whitty – Wake Up! (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Desert Of Bled (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Delirium Mariposa (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Back 2 Mexico (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Peruvian Drops (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Don’t Go Without Love (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Spanish Fly (Fummelerum)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Spanish Fly ( iplug logo)

feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro (Fummelerum)

Smoky:Mirror – Xymox (Fummelerum)

Smoky:Mirror – Flying Moments (Central Dogma)

feat. The End Of The World – You’ll die Now (Central Dogma)



Young People – Remixes (UNT/One Way)



feat. Smoky Mirror – Spanish Fly (Liquid Cherry)



Young People (Flesh)



DJ Klang & Corvin Dalek – Quatzelcoatl (Flesh)



Menage a’ Trois (Flesh)

Freakin Mother Father (Flesh)

Good Sex, Good Drugs, Good Music (Flesh)

Young People (Flesh)

Finger licking good (Flesh)

Crystal (Hustler & Stossdämpfer Remix) (with Bernard Sumner) (Flesh)

Thrill Her (Flesh)

feat. Fidelity Kastrow – I like it 69 (Flesh)

feat. Fidelity Kastrow – MTW (manchmal tut es weh) (Flesh)



Pounds&Pénz (Remixes) (Convert)



A Real Man (Flesh)

Dalek & Armani – Ride Me (Flesh)



Gimme two Fingers (Flesh)

The Atheist (Flesh/Ministry of Sound/WEA)

Crystal (Flesh) (with Bernard Sumner)



Berlin Fly (MFS)

Pornoground (Flesh)



Pounds & Pénz (MFS)


True Anomaly – Quop [Central Dogma Records]

Calzedon Guy – Ephemeris [Techno Vinyls Records]

Andrew T Dorn – Event Horison [Techno Vinyls Records]

True Anomaly – Tesseract [Central Dogma Records]



True Anomaly – Axis [Central Dogma Records]

Aya Mavra feat. Doroty T. – Filthy Instinct [Techno Vinyls Records]

True Anomaly – Fletcher Munson [Central Dogma Records]



Brajan – In invisible Town [Fummelerum]



True Anomaly – Bad Parties [Central Dogma Records]

Majed – Pull (Fummelerum)

Tomas Kerata – Magic Triangle (Fummelerum)

Kemp&Thompson – Desolat (Fummelerum)

Kemp&Thompson feat. Gh0stmode – Till Infinity (Jet Alone)

Ed Whitty – Petrichor (Fummelerum)

Omar Labastida, Tony Bruno – Exogroove [Sum-Tek-Digital]

Stretch Silvester – Future Memories (Glamour Punk)



Ed Whitty – Trigger (Fummelerum)

Zpiral – Do The Dancing (Fummelerum)

Nikola Majdanovic – ZAK (Fummelerum)

John Gibbons, Guy Ekko – L.R.A.D. [Club Educate]

Ed Whitty – Surface on Air [Subtek]



Enrique Otero, D. Medrano – El Viuda Negra (Toltechnica)

Peet & Breeth – Kilimanjaro [OneWay]

Fragma, Akil Wingate – Where Do We Go [Deep Ocean Records]

True Anomaly – Maybe i were a marmaid (Central Dogma)



Mario Play – The Bravery [Spacewerks]



Greg Access, Martin Polansky – All System Go [Love Dealers]



New Order – Krafty [London Records]

Destiny’s Child – Keep up

Faithless – I want More [BMG]

Michael Burian –Inject [Flesh]



Massive Lust – Never (Ministry Of Ssound)

Circuit Boy feat. Alan T. – The Door [Flesh]

The Nand – Happy Paradise [BMG/China]



DJ Hooligan – Hear You Now [Fittipaldi Records]

Goldtrix Feat Andrea Brown – It’s love [Hi Bias Records]

Loknar & Polansky – Dark Mirror [Flesh]

Blank & Jones feat. Anne Clark – The Hardest Heart [Gang go music]

Mr. Sam – Pressurize (NEWS)



Shannon – Let The Music Play [DMC]

Plastic Angel – Sweet Sixteen [Wash]

Moguai pres. Punx – The Rock [Leaded East West]

Virtualismo – Mismoplastico [Southeast]

Madrid Inc. – My Sunday’s Love [MFS]

Oliver Moldan pres. Enemy Mine – Know Your Enemies [Kosmo]

John Selway – Edge Of Now [Ultra Records]

Kay Cee – I Feel You [Zeitgeist]

Power Dove – September Soul [Marc ‚et Clouds]

Green Court – Take (My Breath Away) (WEA)

Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (Data)

Robert Armani – Circus Bells [WEA]

Oliver Klein – Rheinkraft (Mailstorm)



Da Hool – Eichelruck (Leaded)

3 Phase Dr. Motte – Der Klang der Familie (Sony)

Darren Christian – Uni-Fiction (Duty Free/Flesh)

Tecra – Dawn Vojer (Limbo)

Mad Dogs – Better make Room (MFS)

Madrid Inc. – My Sundays Love (MFS/NEWS)

Virualismo – Mismo Plastico (Southeast)

R-Factors – Rendez-Vous (Silver Planet)

Power Dove – September Soul (WEA)



Assorted – E for Europe (MFS)  – Compilation / VA – DJ Mix / 1999

Assorted – Stadtansichten (MFS)  – Compilation / VA – DJ Mix / 1999

Assorted – Lovetoys (MFS)  – Compilation Album / VA – DJ Mix / 2001

Hotkunst (Flesh) – Compilation Album / VA – DJ Mix / 2001

Wet&Hard (Flesh) – Compilation Album / VA – DJ Mix / 2002

Together- Ministry Magazin Cover CD Ibiza edition / VA – DJ Mix / 2002

Reset (Vol.3) – Freedom in Flow – (Fummelerum) Compilation / VA – DJ Mix / 2013



I am a Dalek (Flesh) – Artist Album (Flesh) / 2003

Desert Of Bled (Free) / 2011

Feat. Smoky:Mirror – Outro (LP) (Fummelerum) / 2012