Corvin Dalek & Mark Reeder with Bernard Sumner | Crystal (Factory)

Cover Collaborator by Mark Reeder

Corvin Dalek & Mark Reeder with Bernard Sumner | Crystal (Factory)

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Corvin Dalek & Mark Reeder with Bernard Sumner | Crystal (Factory)

This song is probably the most significant track of my career. I actually produced the rough instrumental part around 1997, it was the first track I had ever properly finished. At that time, I had no idea about music production, just my experiences from dj-ing and about how club music should sound.
Making this track, I was looking for an atmosphere I wanted it to sound like “being lost in an endless space” kind of melancholic, infinite, desire.

One day, a good friend of Mark’s from early Joy Division days, Bernard Sumner (the singer of New Order) sent him his recorded vocals for a track, which Mark called Crystal.
Mark gave me the fantastic vocal parts and once home, just for fun, I loaded them over the memories track. I was totally perplexed when I heard the results. It was like a big kick up the ass, they sounded just perfect for each other. I immediately played it to mark and he agreed. We couldn’t believe it. They matched as if made for each other.
With Marks perfect English, we tweaked the track and edited the vocals to fit perfectly over it and we finished it for a demo (this is the version you can now hear on Collaborator). I think it was a song perfect for a sunny, late summers day.

Bernard Sumner & Mark Reeder

© Mark Reeder

mark Reeder and Bernard Sumber 2016B-MOVIE-Mark-Bernard

Mark sent the mix to Bernard Sumner and he loved it. Unfortunately, Bernard Sumner sent it to the New Order A&R at London RecordsPete Tong. A few days later Mark got a desperate call from Tong, who told him, “you can’t release this track! it is the best New Order track since Blue Monday!” and he begged Mark to persuade Bernard Sumner to record it as a New Order track instead. The only problem there though, was that New Order hadn’t spoken to each other for three years and had virtually stopped working together and had all but broken up. Difficult ? Mark replied that Bernard Sumner had actually recorded the song for him and had given it to him as a gift. But Tong whined and moaned and eventually, Mark spoke to Bernard and New Order were tentatively reformed. Mark even suggested that Mark Stent should produce the New Order version too. But then there was another problem, what to do with the MFS mixes? Mark reluctantly agreed with Tong to wait until the New Order releases were out before releasing it on MFS, but Tong was determined that my first demo shouldn’t be released at all and pleaded for us not to release it, as he described it, it was “a shabby little demo and the song deserves better”. Mark kindly complied. So it was never finished and never released.

Thanks Mark, thaanks Bernard to make it happen !

Corvin Dalek & Mark Reeder with Bernard Sumner | Crystal (Factory)

© Corvin-Dalek.Com

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