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Corvin Dalek is a pioneering electronic music producer and DJ.
He is well known for always bringing creative originality and skill to his work.
He is the owner of the innovative label Fummelerum Company.
He has also been responsible for a large and diverse back catalogue of releases and collaborations around the World.
His DJ schedule has taken him to the caziest corners of the Planet.


Early Years


Born in Budapest 1969, I was playing with a single turntable a broad musical spectrum of vinyls from my father and brother. By the age of 6-7 and spent the majority of my early years taking anything different sounding or just energetic – progressively things around me turned into a dream. As sweet 16 found myself shortly as fan of the Budapester Avantgarde & Undergroound Punk of the 80s . Llistened to twisting minded hungarian artists and thier bands like a.e. Bizottság, Europa Kiadó, Sziámi-Sziámi, Vágtázó Halottkémek, KFT to name the few. Also some from the western area arrived to my ears (sometime as bad copy of copy of the copy Tapes but listenable ORWO quality), like Frank Zappa or Joy Division, New Order, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode to name but a classic few. Defenetly blowed my mind as i was 6-7, Moroder‘s Donna Summer – i feel love – it was one of the first tracks i have recorded to casette-tapes and guided my interess over the years about dance music.
All those great artists expanded in me rapidly the fastination to fallow the phat of music creation too, formed my consciousness between surrealismus and disco..

whad a hell?!

© Corvin Dalek, Biography

Early inspirations in Electronic Music


During the late 80s i left my homeland Hungary. My first few years in Germany, I took more than a passing interest in the first wave of by dj made dance music. I visited first time a real Techno Party in Munich on the old Airport, where Mr. Sven Väth captivated with his psychedellic sound and outfit the huge crowd on the Mainhall and DJ Hell – almost naked – with deeper sound beside @ the Ultraschall. Laterly inspired me Jam & Spoon, Tom Wax , Acid Maria, Electric Indigo, Supa DJ Dmtry, Josh Wink, Plastikman, but also the early innovative but softer progressive sound from Paul van Dyk and Cosmic Baby just made huge influenses in my upcoming dj-sets.

© Corvin Dalek, Biography



MFS, (Masterminded For Success) was founded by Mark Reeder in 1990, who used the infrastructure of the former East German state run record label AMIGA which was part of  “Deutsche Schallplatten” to build his own dream of an independent label project in the heart of Europe. MFS was support young, Eastern European artists and provide them with a platform. No one less as an Eastie kid, than Paul van Dyk grew up from his hands. Mark discovered Paul and supported him and released his first hit “for an angel” (1994) as part of the 45RPM album. He also released tracks by Cosmic Baby, Neutron9000, Marco Zafferano or Mijk van Dijk, Ellen Allien or Johnny Klimek. Nice and fresh Trance and Techno projects.

© Corvin Dalek, Biography

Atonal Festival with 12 Turntables


I’ve got sponsored and managed a special dj show by Michael Schäumer (thanks!) in 1999 January the Berliner Avantgarde Music Festival, ATONAL @ Arena. The idea for my show was to split a track (Gimme two Fingers) into steems and mixing them live at the stage. The only differency was – and why i got invited to these unique festival -, that i have mixed from vinyls (duplates). It was the prototype in mind for todays well known NI Traktor’s Remix Decks or Abletons possibilities.

That time was dj-ing still not connected to digital technology, so i couldn’t join the sync button 🙂

© Corvin-Dalek.Com, Biography



This song is one of the most important track of my life. I actually produced the rough instrumental part around 1997 and it was the first track I had ever properly finished. At that time, I had no idea about music production, just my experiences from dj-ing and about how club music should sound.
Making this track, I was looking for an atmosphere I wanted it to sound like “being lost in an endless space” kind of melancholic, infinite desire.

One day, a good friend of Mark’s from early Joy Division days, Bernard Sumner (the singer of New Order) sent him his recorded vocals for a track, which Mark called Crystal. Bernard wanted to support to his old friend. Mark gave me the fantastic vocal parts and once home, just for fun, I loaded them over the memories track. I was totally perplexed when I heard the results. It was like a big kick up the ass, they sounded just perfect for each other. I immediately played it to Mark and he agreed. We couldn’t believe it. They matched as if made for each other. Click here to know more..!

© Corvin-Dalek.Com, Biography
Cover I am a Dalek

I am a Dalek


My first artist LP (2003), was an abstract adventure into the erotic side of techno and house music, expressed the phylosophy of alternatives post techno sound. The Idea was to exploring new music from the European underground and create a striking album, a no-holes-barred, liberated musical form – thrilling, blatantly sexual and stylish one.

© Corvin-Dalek.Com, Biography
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Mark and I worked 10 years together (1998-2008), designing and producing many nice releases, even build up a new label (Flesh), especially for Wet&Hard. Mark supported and managed my career and we travelled over and over the globus. In these time i’ve remixed artists, like New Order, Faithless, Destiny’s Child, Blank & Jones, Da Hool or Shannon, to name a few, but finally we split our way in 2007 to go our own separate paths and work on own projects and collaborations.


© Corvin-Dalek.Com, Biography

Fummelerum Company


As result of the efforts was indispensable to challenging a platform to share the new ideas and collaborations. So in 2012 launched Fummelerum. The shock came, as fortuna left and our office was robbed out in 2015 middle in production, as we just passed our 34th releases. All important hardware, software was lost, so was impossible to continue the labelwork over the last 2 years. Now in 2017 its the first steps done with these website, to open a new door for new sound and projects. As always: Anything is possible … ‘ll keep you updated dear 🙂

© Corvin-Dalek.Com, Biography
Biography of Corvin Dalek,
last update: 11. april 2017

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